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As indicated in previous pages, the farm will be publicly listed for sale in March, 2019 for a price of somewhere between $429K and $459K based on initial feedback from a few realtors. We would like to find someone to purchase it before then through all of our farming and personal contacts. If you would like to purchase the farm directly from us without using a realtor, we will reduce the price by 5%. If you would like to purchase the farm without us doing anymore renovations mentioned on previous pages (paint, flooring, bath remodel, landscaping, etc.) we will take off another $20K and you can update the home however you would like. We love realtors and agree they provide a great service, but we have lots of contacts and people who have experienced this beautiful farm and think we can possibly find a buyer through that network. However, if you want to bring your realtor as a buyer’s agent, we will be more than happy to pay 2.5% commission, but that will also be reflected in the price.

IMPORTANT! It will take a few hours to completely see the farm. So that we don’t waste your time or ours, we are asking that anyone wanting to schedule a tour be pre-qualified to purchase the farm through a lender who is able and willing to provide financing for a farm. We will ask for a pre-qualification letter. If you have not sought financing for a farm before, there are a few challenges that you don’t typically run into with a residential loan. The land becomes a much greater percentage of the value, and many residential lenders will not finance a farm over 10 acres. There are specialty lenders, like Ag Carolina for example, who will loan for farms and rural properties. We also have some contacts for local banks who can provide help in financing if you are interested. The main point here is that you need to have these conversations and discussions before thinking about purchasing a farm because it is a different process.

If all of this sounds good, please contact us below and express your interest or ask any questions you may have. Thanks and we look forward to meeting you!

Additional Info

There are several items which will no longer be needed once we sell the farm. Those items are available to any potential buyers as well and can be negotiated into the sale price. Items are listed below:

  • Mahindra 4035 4WD tractor with HST automatic transmission, front end loader, bucket, pallet forks, post hole digger with 12” auger, 6’ rotary mower/bush hog, and box blade. Roughly 600 hours and will take care of everything you need to take care of on the farm. Asking $18,000 for everything.

  • WoodMaxx 8H PTO driven wood chipper with hydraulic infeed. We use this all the time to clean up brush and limbs around the farm. Will chip up to 8” material. You can see the videos on the WoodMaxx website. Asking $1400.

  • Polaris Ranger 900 Crew 5 person 4x4 UTV. Has brand new back tires. This is the most used “tool” on the farm. Can hold 1000 pounds in the bed and tow up to 2000 pounds. Asking $8000.

  • Pro-Line 12x7 dual axle dump trailer, 12000 GVW. Includes spreader gate as well and custom ramps that mount to trailer for hauling UTV, lawnmowers, etc. Asking $3000.

Finally, we have three livestock guardian dogs (2 Great Pyrenees, 1 GP/Anatolian Shepherd) that live here on the farm. We are crossing our fingers and hoping to find a family who will want to keep them on the farm. They are trained to the fencing and do a great job guarding the farm from coyotes, skunks, raccoons, possums, and anything else that might want to get your livestock. One of them even chases perceived aerial threats, including buzzards! They are all three very sweet, spayed females and we are hoping to keep them together. Please consider this if you are interested in the farm.

We also have several farm cats that were born here and have grown up on the farm. They are your natural rodent control and do a fantastic job at it. They have all been spayed/neutered and we hope that some of them can remain on the farm too.

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If you think this farm may be the right fit for you, you have read all the information above, and would like to set up some time to see the farm, please contact us using this form. We’ll also be happy to answer any further questions you may have or provide more information.

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