GoPro Video Driving Tour

In the videos below, we drive around the paths of the farm on our UTV and try to give you a better look at the farm. It might get a little dizzy, but we hope you enjoy them. For each video, we show the path driven during the video on the left so you can see where on the farm it was shot. You can click on the left side image to enlarge it and see the entire path driven. Enjoy!

Video 1: This drive started on the side pasture right at the gate from the central driveway. We drive around the front pasture, beside the neighbors, by the front pond, and then proceed all the way down the fence until we hit the back corner. Where we stop is close to the back of the property line.

Video 2: This drives along the back property line of the farm from where video 1 left off. The fence and path are not on the property line because the line actually crosses a creek several times back here. So we go out into the back pasture for a bit, then turn back into the woods, cross the creek, and go up on the back ridge. We end the drive by turning towards the pastures from the top of the ridge. Fantastic views from here, especially during the winter months when you can see through the woods.

Video 3: We cross back over the creek, drive around one of the back pastures, cross over the dam of one of the back ponds, and then drive around the other back pasture. We pass by the second pond in this area towards the end and then turn back to overlook that pond from the top of the pasture.

Video 4: We start by coming through the front gate as you would driving into the farm. We then wrap around to the right of the house, by some of the barns, and then we do the loop past the back pastures and through the middle section of 50 year old pines.

Video 5: This is the final video. We start at the tractor barn, drive around behind the workshop, turn down the temporary fence line used to keep the dogs in the front pasture during hunting season, and drive back along the other side of the property.